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For Humanity, Our Sympathy & Compassion is Endless.

Refugees' Basic Education Scholarship

We hunt for talents and thus scout vulnerable girls and boys as well, enroll them in schools with a great hope of reducing the menace of illiteracy among the girls. We started far back in 2006 but with a limit to a few girls. Fortunately, we have emerged with full force to not only enroll them this time but further train them on essential survival skills

Skills Acquisition and Empowerment

We train the marginalized group on employable skills manual and digital as an inclusion into the digital economy (according to SDG8) as well as empower them financially to reduce poverty (according to SDG1).

Girl Child and Women Health Programme

Coupled with the circumstances in our societies ranging from persistent surge of terrorist attacks, communal clashes and conflicts, orphanhood, poverty etc., there are concerns about girl child and women health issues. Poor health practices are in abundance among the folks and the concerns are growing at an alarming rate. However, with the most affected being the girl child as well as other children of school age, we believe that with health education programmes and enlightenment campaigns much will be achieved in mitigating the concerns among the folks.


@R and U Learning Solutions

We provide humanitarian care in respect of basic education; entrepreneurship trainings (- basic business trainings) and, health education and campaigns using multidimensional approaches to unlock binding demands – and supply – side constraints to refugees and underserved children particularly girl child and by extension women folks.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide lifelong education and survival skills for refugees and underserved children with particularly equitable access for girl child in order to foster growth, and development for themselves and their immediate communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading providers of basic educational needs and survival skills to refugees and underserved children by substantially increasing significant number of them with relevant technical and vocational skills across communities and at large societies.

About Us

We are humanitarian care providers who adopted the European style of education. We enroll refugees, orphans and underserved children into schools and provide basic essentials to enable them stay in school and learn.
We provide access to education for all children (according to SDG4) with emphasis on equitable access to education – for girls (according to SDG5); who are victims of a number of circumstances in our societies ranging from persistent surge of terrorist attacks, communal clashes and conflicts, orphanhood, poverty etc.
We are committed to making better societies despite all the odds by assisting the marginalized group with school uniforms, writing – reading materials, foot wears and tuition fees. Having observed that the aforementioned are the basic essentials needed to be in school which equally make learning process feasible, we chose to fill the gap in the educational space where its urgency is on the increase by 50% at this particular time.
In addition, we offer basic business trainings i.e. entrepreneurship trainings to girls in order to prepare their minds on what and how to go about business at early stages of their lives particularly those who are devoid of such opportunities. Interestingly, we also train our girls and women on how to make schools bags and uniforms which are among our products; they learn and as well make our products with ease.
By extension, we support the marginalized group (to realize their potentials and make them to benefit from the potentials) using multidimensional approaches to unlock binding demands – and supply – side constraints to particularly girl child and women health education and empowerment through education.


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Our Values

  • Empathy: We identify with understanding the plights of the marginalized group, that way, we serve them better;
  • Exclusive: We believe in scoping our relevance and thus we say "no to other projects" to avoid distraction and in order to put in our possible best in the existing one;
  • Inclusion: We reach out to the most vulnerable of the marginalized group in the community particularly the girl child to offer inclusive education and more;
  • Collaboration: We align with other organizations to implement best practice projects;
  • Innovation: We appropriately train our staff based on needs and circumstances in capacity building;
  • Growth: Because we yearn for desired growth, we learn, relearn and unlearn; and
  • Excellence: We put in our very best in whatever we do. Apart from being resourceful and outstanding, we file in reports and offer feedback for timely and proper appraisal of our performance.

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    What Beneficiaries and Communities Say

    Listening to the testimonies of the beneficiaries on the impact of RESO’s programmes and interventions, they appreciate the organization for reviving their dashed hopes and nearly impossible dreams of coming back to school after having been dropped out from school due to a number of circumstances such as, persistent surge of terrorist attacks, communal clashes and conflicts, orphanhood, poverty etc.
    Mufida Bashir Isyaku
    On the other hand, on knowing about RESO, earlier, RESO reached out to the communities and at large societies scouting (hunting for talents) for the beneficiaries, but, nowadays the communities and at large societies are reaching out to have the programmes and interventions of RESO for their impacts.
    Mufida Bashir Isyaku
    In addition, on different occasions (on the organization's media handles), members of the communities and at large societies are seen on video clips expressing their gratitude and trust to the organization for their impactful programmes and interventions in their respective domains.
    Mufida Bashir Isyaku